Coffee roasting

Coffee roasting is that chemistry that transforms a blend and gives it the unmistakeable aroma and flavour so characteristic of what is known the world over as coffee.

Coffee roasting is one of the key coffee processing steps and is what makes the green coffee bean drinkable.

Coffee roasting: the roasting process

Coffee roasting involves applying heat to coffee beans and increasing the temperature and roast time in line with specific roast profiles.

With traditional coffee roasting, green coffee is added to a large rotating drum and the beans are exposed to a gradually increasing source of heat (with temperatures reaching between 200 and 230°C) for 8 – 20 minutes.

By roasting coffee for longer, the balance between acidity and bitterness is altered.

Over-roasting can ruin the flavour of the coffee, which is why the beans should be air-cooled as soon as they come out of the roaster to quickly bring the coffee back down to room temperature.

This air-cooling step is as important as the coffee roasting as it stops the beans from continuing to roast, locks in all the wonderful aromas and preserves the coffee. For this reason Varesina Caffè does all its coffee roasting the old-fashioned way.

Coffee is a natural product with many different species and varieties that all come from many different countries; as such, more than a technical skill, roasting and blending coffee is a true art. During the roasting process, the thermal treatment applied means coffee reacts differently depending on specific sensory and structural characteristics and humidity content.

At Varesina Caffè, the art of coffee roasting has a strong historical connection with Italian coffee tradition that has been passed down by generations of roasters.

It is from a story of passion that our blends are born

  • Silver

    Blend 100% Arabica Coffee

    Origin: Cental and South America
    Roasting profile: Medium-Dark
    Availability: Bags of 1 Kg

    Thanks to a very careful selection of Arabica coffees from the best plantations in Central and South America, we have been able to obtain a gourmet coffee with a balanced and particularly delicate taste, with a low caffeine and fat content. In the cup the cream is fine and shiny, the soft aromas and a pleasantly balanced acidity give this blend an extraordinary elegance and refinement

  • Top Quality

    Blend 95% Arabica Coffee – 5% Robusta Coffee

    Origin: Cental and South America, India
    Roasting profile: Medium-Dark
    Availability: Bags of 1 Kg

    Top Quality is the result of a scrupulous blending of the best raw coffees from Central and South America. Characterized by the high content of different qualities of Arabica coffee and with a small and selected composition of fine Indian Robusta, on the palate it has a soft and, at the same time, a bit more decisive taste, with a glossy and compact crema. It is a product that manages to meet the needs of true coffeehouse professional Baristas.

  • Martin

    Blend 80% Arabica Coffee – 20% Robusta Coffee
    Central and South America
    Africa, India
    Roasting profile: Medium-Dark
    Bags of 1 Kg.
    The perfect balance between the precious Brazilian and African Arabica with the Robusta from the best Indian plantations. The result is a perfectly balanced coffee, medium-bodied and with a fine and persistent crema. The palate will captivate its sweetness, accompanied by delicate floral notes and a hint of toasted hazelnuts.

  • Kaffee Cream

    Blend 80% Arabica Coffee – 20% Robusta Coffee

    Origin: Central and South America India, Africa
    Roasting profile: Medium-Light
    Availability: Bags of 1 Kg

    This is the result of a bet, where Varesina Caffè has the ability to adapt to the needs of its customers; thus was born Kaffee Cream, a blend created specifically for the Northern European markets. The particular light roasting enhances its sweetness. In the cup it has a blonde color and a consistent cream with a soft taste. A mixture for those markets where the typical long extraction is looked for.


  • Plata

    Blend 60% Arabica Coffee – 40% Robusta Coffee

    Origin:Brasil, India
    Roasting profile: Medium-Dark
    Availability:Bags of 1 Kg

    Plata is the result of the combination of the most refined South American Arabica coffees and the best oriental Robusta coffees, including the precious Indians. The high percentage of Robusta coffee guarantees a thick and compact crema; the aromatic profile has a slight initial acidity and it is completed with a finish rich in cocoa and chocolate aromas. On the palate it is particularly full-bodied and it is dedicated to those looking for a full and decisive taste in coffee

  • Junior

    Blend 50% Arabica Coffee – 50% Robusta Coffee

    Origin: Brazil, India, Africa
    Roasting profile: Medium-Dark
    Availability: Bags of 1 Kg

    The union between excellent Arabica and Robusta coffees has enabled us to obtain this blend with a particularly intense taste and with delicate notes of cocoa and bitter chocolate. The cream, with its typical dark brown color, is thick and compact. The decidedly structured body gives us a full and decisive taste.